Take The Chance to Study Abroad

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The Chance to Study Abroad

As I left for my freshman year of college, everyone told me to enjoy my time and not to take the experience for granted. I had plans to do everything I set my mind to: join clubs, make new friends, get cum laude, study abroad, etc… Fast forward to second-semester junior year, I realized that I had not done everything I had planned on doing during my college career. I had always dreamt of studying abroad but from that point in time, I believed going overseas to study was no longer in the picture. I was graduating in the next year, had a job that was heavily dependent on me, and several other obligations that made it impossible to leave for an entire semester. Though little did I know, there were nontraditional study abroad options available to me and my dream of studying international business was still completely feasible.

One afternoon, I was introduced to International Business Seminars by my professor in my Information Systems and Organizational Design class. I knew right then and there that I had to take this opportunity for several reasons. First, traveling on a seminar with International Business Seminars would fulfill my dream of studying abroad. Second, this opportunity would enable me to earn college credit towards my emphasis that would normally take a traditional semester-long class to earn. Lastly, International Business Seminars would allow me to network internationally and would add a competitive edge to my resume. I was sold. That night, I applied through the IBS website, and within 24 hours I got my letter of acceptance… I was going to Europe!

I chose to attend the 2019 Winter One seminar to Europe because ever since I was young, Europe has been my favorite place on earth. Also, the Winter One seminar was the ideal program for me because it consisted of traveling to four different countries (Great Britain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands) within sixteen days. The travel dates fell right in my school’s winter break/ winter term, and therefore the seminar did not interfere with my semester schedule. On top of it all, I was extremely interested in the ten international companies included in the itinerary: Chelsea F.C., Champagne Lanson, Grant Thornton, and KPMG.

I had high expectations for IBS as I looked forward to the study abroad experience for years. Things were going very well, and when I thought things couldn’t get any better than they already were, the staff and faculty at International Business Seminars made the experience even greater. IBS made planning for the seminar extremely stress-free, as they continued to support me during the planning phase of my journey. Amanda and Kayla, IBS staff members, were so helpful in answering all my questions and made sure I was well-prepared. Up until the day I left, I was nervous about traveling alone internationally, but those who facilitated the seminar held my hand the entire way, yet at the same time gave me enough freedom to explore and immerse myself in the different cultures.

My experience abroad with International Business Seminars is something I will never forget. It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Kimberly Comet

School: California Lutheran University

I feel that my time abroad has made me a more well-rounded person.

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