5 Ways to Maximize Your Time Abroad

Going abroad is a thrilling time in your life and each day brings new experiences. Through an IBS Program your scenery will change every 1-4 days and you will travel to some of the most amazing cities on the planet. This all brings one question, “how do I maximize my time abroad?”

Maximizing your time abroad is easy if you listen to yourself and do what you want to do. Go wherever your heart desires because the world is meant to be explored. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Don’t be afraid to approach a local

Don’t hesitate to ask where the best spot to eat is, or where to catch the best shows, because they are a lot nicer than you think. Asking one simple question could improve your experience and you could potentially gain a friend and next pen pal!

Soak in your scenery

It will be extremely tempting to immediately take out your phone and snap a couple of pictures, but do not pull it out! Look around and enjoy where you are because pictures will not do it justice. After you have officially soaked it all in and have finished obsessing over where you are, then you can pull out your phone and take pictures.

Always have cash at hand

Some businesses will only take cash and some cities are just more of a cash-based society. Face it, you are no longer in the world of simply swiping your credit card to pay for an apple. Carrying cash is also important because some establishments do not separate checks and can only take one card at a time. So, unless your friend is willing to accept Venmo for your portion of the meal they just put on their card, take out some cash at the nearest ATM or at your bank before you leave home.

Familiarize yourself with public transportation

Become familiar with the train stations in each city in order to avoid having to take an Uber or Taxi because you forgot how to get home or which stop was yours. The train stations and routes are your friend and are there to take you wherever you wish to go for as many times as you desire, so learn them and use them. Just remember, the worst thing that could happen is you could end up aimlessly wandering around and finding the best restaurant of your dreams or the coolest shop.

Have fun

Honestly, the biggest and most important piece of advice for going abroad is to have fun. I know it sounds redundant and everyone always says the most important thing is to have fun, but it is. Soak everything in, go places you never thought you would, try new things, ask the locals, and HAVE FUN!!

Alison Rubio

School: Louisiana State University

My experience abroad taught me that the world is completely different everywhere you go, and every inch of it is worth exploring.

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