Homesick to Wanderlust

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First Study Abroad Trip

When I embarked on my first study abroad trip, I was extremely excited. It was my first time going abroad, a childhood dream, and I would be taking my first vacation without my family. I went with about ten other students, none of whom I knew before and two instructors. We went to Europe for a week and made our way through three countries. The culture, landscape, and food were so fantastic, I felt as though I was experiencing sensory overload.

As amazing a time as I was having, I was yearning for one thing: HOME. All of the great parts of being abroad were being hindered by the fact that 5% of the trip included free time to explore. When we could explore, it was after 8 pm and nothing interesting aside from bars and clubs were open.

Second Study Abroad Trip

My second study abroad, with International Business Seminars, was the Summer Europe Seminar. I was so interested in the itinerary and all of the cities we would travel to, but in the back of my mind, I wondered, would I get homesick again and how would I last 22 days?

On this trip, our entire group became friends quite quickly. We broke up and went out and our groups were always changing. The instructors were great. They were always available to be reached but they did not hawk over us. While on the trip, we went to the seminars, then were released to explore as well as having full free days for new experiences.

I was able to go into the mountains, see the Moulin Rouge and eat at too many restaurants to count. Whenever we got tired, we went harder. There was so much interest and excitement to be had, that sleep could wait. As the days passed, the number of friends I made and experiences gained began to increase. Before I knew it, I was departing from Heathrow Airport. The only thing I yearned for on this trip was more days in Europe, I never felt homesick.

This summer, I am going back to Europe for a few weeks. International Business Seminars has given me knowledge about tourist travel abroad as well as “wings,” I now feel as though I can travel anywhere and stay safe. The feeling of wanderlust is strong. When it comes calling, you must answer.

Tabitha Wasilio

IBS Digital Content Strategist

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