8 Skills You Gain From Studying Abroad

What skills do you gain from studying abroad

Studying abroad is growing in popularity due to its numerous career advantages and education benefits. It also gives you a chance to see the world. It is a unique combination of learning and traveling. One of the best parts about studying abroad is the skills you gain, because you can use them both in your employment and personal life. These eight study abroad skills are only a few of the many you can develop while overseas.


Naturally, going to another country necessitates learning a new language, a skill that is in high demand in the workplace, reveals New American Economy. Even if it is your native tongue, each country has unique accents and vocabulary you have to know in order to communicate effectively.

Communication does not just apply to foreign language improvement. It also applies to general communication skills you will obtain as you go through industry training from professionals and daily life with the others in your group.

In the end, you will be better at conveying ideas and listening to others in both your first and second languages. Through your communication, you may also be able to network, which will help you get a job back home or in a foreign country after graduation.

Cultural Awareness

A significant focus of the trip is becoming familiar with the culture and customs of the area. Cultural awareness will serve you well in international relations and make you more employable. Experiencing new ways can make you more respectful of people’s differences. There is also the possibility of finding a new favorite food or vacation destination while you are there!


Studying overseas helps you nurture self-awareness, too, as you examine your own beliefs and practices in the face of diversity. It can widen your perspective and uncover unintentional biases you have. You can see the bigger picture of the world around you, noticing problems you were unaware of and finding new things to be passionate about. This level of self-awareness encourages you to become a kinder person, as well.


Going to a foreign place is not easy, even for the adventurous. It takes some adaptability. In addition to a new language, you will have to adapt to:

  • Food
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Currency
  • Traditions
  • Laws
  • Companions

Even if you have been to the area before, new experiences and challenges will allow you to further develop that quality, along with resilience. Real life is unpredictable and always changing, so being able to adjust to your environment will be helpful to you and desirable to employers.


Not every part of a trip abroad is scheduled. Some of the time is yours to spend exploring. Sightseeing on your own takes self-reliance. You will have to learn how to navigate your surroundings, ask strangers for help, and make decisions in unfamiliar circumstances. Practicing these actions will instill self-confidence when you are successful and will foster personal growth when you make mistakes.


Traveling and learning in a different country takes courage. It can be scary to stay someplace where you do not know the customs and/or language and to spend time with people you have just met. Studying abroad gives you the chance to show your courage in both big and small ways. Completing a study abroad program will reveal that you are just as dedicated and perseverant in unpleasant times as you are in pleasant ones.


You are likely to gain these study abroad skills while dealing with challenges, leading to the acquisition of another practical attribute: the ability to solve problems. Life at work and at home is full of problems, so practicing how to manage them while in an unfamiliar setting will make it easier to do so at another time when you feel uncomfortable. Being a visitor in a foreign country also requires learning how to be resourceful as you come up with solutions.


All of the above qualities are what make up a great leader. Effective leadership relies on communication, confidence, and intellectual and emotional strength, all of which you will get to exercise while studying abroad, says Forbes. You will also get to be around great leaders and encounter different types of leadership that you can follow.

Make Studying Abroad a Part of Your Educational Journey

No matter where you go or how long you stay, you can acquire versatile traits that will be advantageous to your job hunting, from business to STEM to social sciences. Being an international student is not just about making your resume better, however, but also making yourself better and therefore making the world better. If you are ready to start the journey, review available programs from International Business Seminars to find the right one for you.

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