The Best Places for Marketing Majors To Study Abroad

marketing majors study abroad

There are countless personal benefits of studying abroad, including but not limited to the chance to see the world, the opportunity to hone foreign language skills and the ability to take in a new culture, make new friends and find new interests. However, when deciding where in the world to go, you need to take into consideration more practical benefits, such as your education. After all, you are paying for school, so you might as well make the most of structured learning while you can.

As a marketing major, there aren’t many places from which you wouldn’t benefit. That said, some countries and cities have more to offer marketing majors than others. International Business Seminars offers executive study abroad programs throughout Europe and Southeast Asia, two countries that are vital to the world’s economy. If you want to gain unparalleled insight into the business world and what drives the economy (such as marketing tactics) and the different cultures that it consists of, consider enrolling in one of our unique programs.

Studying Abroad in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s most formidable economies, making it a must-visit destination for aspiring marketing minds. IBS hosts programs that allow students to explore up to six different countries in just 23 days. Below is a list of the best places to study abroad for marketing majors in Europe and why they made the cut:

  • Paris, France: Paris may be known by the world as the City of Love, but at IBS, we appreciate the more practical-minded aspects of this French city. Students who are able to spend time Paris leave with irreplaceable perspectives in fields such as couture fashion, wines and luxury goods and what drives individuals to spend outrageous amounts of money on said items.
  • Heidelberg, Germany: Research and development is one of the leading industries in all of Germany, making it an ideal destination for aspiring R&D professionals. The country has over 500,000 R&D professionals, many of which are located right in Heidelberg. If you want hands-on training and to apprentice under some of the world’s top minds, Heidelberg is the destination for you. As if being the leading country for R&D is not enough, Germany’s economy is one of the best in the entire world.
  • London, United Kingdom: London is as close to an epicenter that the world will ever get. In a fast-paced environment, flourishing economy and envious diversity, business and marketing students can reap ample educational benefits by simply being in the hub.
  • The Hague, The Netherlands: Although The Netherlands is small in size, it plays a huge role in the world’s economy. Business and marketing students stand to learn a lot in just a few days here. If you’re not sold, consider the fact that big names such as Sony, Sara Lee and Microsoft have all chosen to make their headquarters in this peaceful, beautiful locale.

Studying Abroad in Asia

It’s no secret that Asia has a strong business sense and an even stronger economy. If it didn’t, giants such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Facebook wouldn’t have bothered to station themselves there. IBS offers Asia study abroad programs in some of the continent’s leading countries:

  • Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok is not just the center of all of Thailand’s major banks and businesses, but it is also home to 17 of Forbes 2000 companies, an impressive feat for such a small, relatively underappreciated destination. Individuals who study in Bangkok obtain an unparalleled education in marketing, finance and business economics. When in Thailand, however, don’t bury your head in the books. Take a look around and really soak in the beautiful environment, vast ecosystem and unique culture of its people. Doing so can expand your horizons and give you a better idea of how to help the environment while boosting the economy.
  • Shanghai, China: As one of the largest cities in the world, it is no surprise that Shanghai has one of the best economies. Students gain an incredible marketing and finance education when they study there, as there are more than 150 different kinds of industries in the city alone. Shanghai is also home to the largest cargo port in the world and leads the way for China’s finances. Europe may be the world’s epicenter, but Shanghai is the breadwinner.

Receive an Unparalleled Education and Unmatched Experiences

When you choose to study with IBS, you don’t just gain a practical education—you gain memories and an understanding of cultures and people that are different than your own. This is where the true education lies. Any successful entrepreneur knows that the key to marketing success understands how people tick and what drives different economies.

The study abroad programs offered by IBS are designed to give students like you the opportunity to explore different world economies and to better understand the driving forces behind them. If you want to gain the personal benefits of study abroad as well as practical ones, enroll in one of IBS’s programs today.

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