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business career with International Business Seminars

In an increasingly global market, university graduates with experience in international relations and business practices have an advantage from the start. With International Business Seminars and a broad range of short-term study abroad programs throughout Europe and Asia, you can gain experience that prepares you to bridge cultural and language gaps to find common ground as business partners. University graduates with international business knowledge are much more attractive to employers, particularly when they’ve been exposed to the workings of global companies.

Business and Education Partners in Multiple Markets

One advantage of IBS’s study abroad program is our world-renowned corporate partners. You’ll find opportunities to learn from top executives in sectors such as marketing, industrial, finance, transportation, engineering, consumer goods, luxury goods, and technology. You’ll meet representatives from companies such as BMW, Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Lloyd’s of London, GE Global Research, Riedel Glassworks, The World Trade Organization, Radio Free Europe, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, and political figures from US embassies.

Through tours of business locations and multiple workshops and seminars, you’ll gain insight from experts through direct contact with their business practices in multiple countries. Many of our partners offer learning experiences with top executives, as well as the opportunity to speak with professionals in highly specialized roles.

Expertise Suiting a Wide Range of Industries and Majors

IBS’s academic tours offer opportunities for students in multiple majors and academic development programs. The lessons learned through hands-on immersion in multicultural business environments across diverse industries provide invaluable experience found nowhere else. These programs provide benefits for:

  • Marketing Majors: Marketing majors will benefit from exposure to international business practices, and deeper insight into how marketing operates in different countries and global consumer segments. The IBS academic tours allow marketing professionals to see how companies operate in different cultural settings, and can open lines of communication to offer nuanced understanding of global market segmentation and consumer profiling.
  • Finance Majors: Every country has its own finance, tax, and accounting laws and practices, and navigating them requires extensive knowledge and in-depth practice. For finance majors, gaining a first glimpse into international finance offers the foundation needed to understand how multiple countries’ finance laws can impact multinational businesses operating in several locations.
  • Engineering and Industrial Majors: For engineering and industrial majors, exposure to companies such as Siemens and Lockheed Martin can provide a significant career advantage. Learning from professionals in top global companies puts students a step ahead of others in their sector, with the chance to network with prospective employers.
  • Business Administration Majors: Those majoring in business will enjoy the access to some of the top corporate minds in the world, with coaching and tips on how to be successful no matter the locale. Immersion in business practices and cultural differences will prepare these students for a career of negotiating business in a global market.

Advanced Education Opportunities

IBS’s academic tours also offer an MBA program for more advanced students. Whether you’re pursuing a Master of Business Administration or seeking advanced professional development in other areas, this tour focuses on making connections with high-level experts capable of guiding you in that next step in your career advancement. The summer MBA study abroad seminar offers a 10-day program connecting you with a number of highly qualified mentors and professionals.

Tours Throughout Multiple Countries

Each tour gets you another stamp on your passport as you visit multiple countries throughout Europe and Asia. The Europe winter and summer programs offer visits to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and many more. For the Asia winter and summer programs, you’ll visit China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each tour is customized with a different route, offering a unique experience that exposes you to multiple cultural influences in just 10 to 23 days.

Take in the Sights and Immerse Yourself in Culture

No matter your major, you can benefit from contact with other cultures. This contact broadens your horizons and teaches you diplomacy, sensitivity, and adaptability as you learn how to form positive relationships with people from around the world. Each tour offers chances to take in historic locations in every country visited, such as The Forbidden City of China and the historic city of Venice. By understanding the history and culture of each stop on your academic tour, you’ll gain a respect that will show in how you practice their business customs.

International Business Seminars

Travel the world, learn from global business leaders, and earn university credit while gaining a competitive advantage for your career.

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