How IBS Helped Me: The Next Level

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I signed up for the Summer Europe International Business Seminar, the spring semester of my junior year at LSU. Knowing that my undergraduate college career was coming to an end, I knew the seminar could provide me with valuable insight into the many sectors of business, and do so on an international level.

I was able to see a marketing and technology agency with BETC, a co-operative association in Cantina Valpantena, and artificial intelligence for sensitive data management entrepreneurship in Neokami. Each of the company visits was interest-piquing and inspiring, yet I could not find something that I felt I wanted to pursue in business.

What I Learned with IBS Tours

While in Italy, a migrant boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. They were fleeing the turmoil in North Africa and tried to come into Europe for a safer, better life. At the time, around 6,000 migrants had been saved from capsizing boats within a matter of days.

On a visit to Dr. Graham Brown, he spoke of the unrest in Syria. There has been a mass immigration into Europe, mainly people coming from Turkey into Greece. Why should Angela Mariel welcome immigrants initially? Germany along with a number of other European Union countries has an aging population and a birth rate that does not keep up to fill the gap. Not everyone in Germany or the European Union supports the ideas and acts of Frau Merkel.

There are three broad types of migrants: conflict refugees, political refugees, and economic migrants. The top four groups applying for asylum are Syrians, Iranians, Afghans, and Nigerians. The European Union distributed 120 thousand people over two years, but one million people came in 18 months and do not want to go where officials want them sent. While in Paris, near the Stalingrad Metro, there was a makeshift tent camp set up by refugees. People were driven out of their homeland by unrest with no formal place to rebuild their lives. These events made me focus on the world as a whole and I wondered what could be done to help and possibly save lives in the future.

How IBS Brought My Career to the Next Level

After returning home, I had a great deal of time to do research. I have read articles on everything from the unrest and fleeing in Africa to Syria, undocumented citizens, how to file for asylum, the list continues. The United Nations website provided a vast amount of information and I read their page on international human rights. Suddenly, I had found my inspiration! I decided to take the steps to attend law school.

I bought the study materials and took the LSAT. I wrote my personal statement, filled with my memories and inspiration while studying abroad and why I am choosing to go to law school. I gathered my letters of recommendation, of which Kayla was wonderful enough to write for me. I said a prayer and sent my application.

I woke up with emails and letters from law schools, which have accepted me. I will be attending law school to study human rights law in the upcoming fall semester. International Business Seminars has not only provided me with access to successful companies in Europe and an internship, it has also provided guidance that paved the way for my next level of education. I am so grateful for every opportunity and piece of information I have received since I filled out the IBS interest form.

Candice Savoy

School: Louisiana State University

My advice to future study abroad students: Do your research about the program and the customs of the countries you will be visiting. Have fun!!

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