What to Do With Your Free Time

group of girls in Innsbruck, Austria

Free time recommendations

Aside from the business seminars that would mostly occur in the mornings, you have a lot of free time to explore these beautiful countries. These are some recommendations of places to go eat, enjoy nightlife, and tourist attractions:


free time at the chinese beer garden

Our first day in Europe we all went to the Hofbrauhaus and ate lots of pretzels with a traditional wheat beer.

We had a large group of about 20 people and sat by this river called the Fruhlingsanlagen, with food and drinks while enjoying the day.

Chinese Beer Garden
We also had a large group when we went to the Chinese Beer Garden. This garden is a part of the English Garden which is a huge area where there are places you can eat and hangout. On warmer days, there are people who surf in the rivers.

Ruby’s is a nightlife place our group went to and is very fun.


The Ambras Castle was free to go to with our Innsbruck card and was so beautiful. You might even get lucky and see a peacock!

Solo Per Te is a pizza place around the corner from our hotel and it was cheap and delicious! Our group would eat there many times while we stayed in Austria.

There are many activities to choose from to do in Austria, but I went paragliding and it was so much fun! I definitely recommend.


free time in Verona eating pizza

St. Mark’s Square in Venice is a big tourist attraction, but has beautiful buildings that you can take a boat tour to.

Gelato in Italy is a must, you can’t go wrong with any gelato place.

In Verona, our friends and I went to Piper for nightlife before we headed off to Switzerland the next day.


The Castle of Gruyeres has some of the best views of Switzerland and you will not be disappointed.

In Lausanne, there is an area really close to our hotel called, The Lacustre, my friends and I really enjoyed walking around and taking in the beautiful views Switzerland has to offer.


free time in Paris at the rooftop bar
In Paris, I recommend going to Le Perchoir Marais during sunset. This was a rooftop bar that had the best view of Paris and delicious cocktails.

The Louvre Museum and that whole area is a big tourist attraction but a must-see. Beautiful buildings and much to do around there.


Unfortunately, when we were visiting, Donald Trump was visiting Buckingham Palace, so we decided to not go in the area because there were a lot of people and safety reasons, so we visited Kensington Palace instead and it was beautiful. The golden gates are picture worthy and the whole surrounding area is very relaxing.

We got to see the London Tower on the boat tour while the sun was setting and it was beautiful.

You can buy packages to do tourist things in London, so we did the boat tour and got to go into the London Eye. It was such a cool experience and really glad I did it!

Jess Dunigan
Jess Dunnigan

School: Louisiana State University

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