A Family Legacy – why we all attended IBS programs

Family Legacy - Jordyn Powell in London


International Business Seminars (IBS) has been something very special to my family and me during our times in college. My dad, my sister, and I wanted to share with others what we loved about our seminars and why we believe everyone should consider being a part of an IBS program.

It all started with Don

Family Legacy - Don in Front of Big Ben in LondonMy name is Don Powell and I am from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. I attended Clarion University for my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and later attended Clarion to receive my MBA. During my time at Clarion, I pursued the chance to study abroad through International Business Seminars. My IBS experience was so positive that I did it twice. Once as an undergraduate and the second time for credits towards my MBA. The opportunity to see portions of the world that I had never seen and tour and travel in a safe structured environment was an outstanding opportunity. These were my first experiences abroad and IBS allowed me to see so much that I otherwise wouldn’t have. However, what really excited me was the chance to visit with leaders of business and industry. The experience gave me confidence and insight. I was able to meet friends from the United States and abroad. The faculty treated us as friends with concern for our overall experience. So not only did the IBS program allow me to gain class credits it exposed me to so much more than a classroom can provide. In summary, I later encouraged both of my daughters to participate and they also loved their trips!


Family Legacy - Taylor in front of London Eye14 years before I had the honor to go on an IBS Seminar my father was returning from his second IBS program. My name is Taylor Powell and, in the summer of 2014, I had the privilege of studying abroad with International Business Seminars to 5 different countries in 21 days. It was such a great life experience and an amazing trip. Not only was I able to see 5 beautiful countries, but I was also able to meet students from all over the USA and meet with top foreign executives. My favorite country was Austria, where I made some of my favorite memories such as paragliding in Innsbruck.

Choosing to study abroad with International Business Seminars was an easy decision. My dad had gone through the same program when he was in undergrad, so I knew what the program consisted of and the amazing experience I could have. I was also a business major at Clarion University so the idea of touring several foreign companies and getting to meet with top executives was very interesting to me. Clarion University really helped me realize this program was a perfect fit for me and I soon realized why my dad had decided to attend their seminars twice. I knew that I would most likely never have the chance to travel abroad ever again. Being able to go on a seminar that my father had also attended was very special to both of us and allowed us to connect about our experiences.

Overall my experience with IBS was great. Not only did I make lifelong friends from all over the country, but the leaders they have on their staff are amazing. The entire trip was so well planned that not only did we go there to tour foreign companies, but we had so much time on our own to explore each country we traveled to. IBS was the perfect balance of business and leisure and was the best way for me to travel abroad for the first time. I would tell anyone who is considering traveling with IBS that it is truly a trip of a lifetime.


Family Legacy - Jordyn in front of Buckingham PalaceMaking the decision to study abroad through IBS was a very simple decision for me, or at least I thought so. Growing up I had heard the amazing opportunities the seminars had brought my dad and sister, and I just automatically figured I would someday experience those same opportunities and make my own unique memories and connections. My name is Jordyn Powell and like my father and sister, I wanted the opportunity to study abroad with IBS and to experience the amazing benefits their seminars offer. One thing I didn’t realize would play such a major part in my ability to study abroad through IBS was where I would choose to attend college.

At the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I began to explore my different study abroad options and quickly realized there wasn’t an option that even merely replicated what IBS had to offer. The programs my university offered were all great, but none that truly matched what I was looking for. Most programs offered were either a semester-long or a week over break in one location, which are the perfect programs for some people, but after hearing about the opportunities and format of an IBS seminar I knew I wouldn’t settle until I was able to participate in a program that benefited me the most. I knew IBS was the perfect fit as the programs were around two to three weeks and in that time, I would be able to visit several different countries, rather than just one. I did more research and realized the Winter One Europe Seminar would fit perfectly into my winter break and I would have the chance to visit four different countries in 16 days while visiting world-renowned companies. Getting this program approved was something very important to me and after closely working with my campus’ study abroad office and the IBS team, I was able to enroll in the seminar and receive credits.

Getting to be a part of a program that meant so much to my sister and dad held very special meaning to me. I was so excited to visit some of the same places they had visited and get to compare each of our experiences there. One thing I think that is very neat is that my dad and I visited some of the same companies more than 20 years apart, such as Lloyd’s at London Insurance Market. Another thing I found really interesting was that some of the faculty that had been a part of my seminar was also a part of my dad or sister’s experience. Like my father and sister had both mentioned previously IBS offered the perfect amount of leisure and business and allowed me to leave with new insight and confidence from some of the world’s leading professionals.

Our Family Legacy

My IBS seminar was something I will remember for the rest of my life and gave me opportunities I will never forget. I hope that I can attend another seminar again, but until then I will forever cherish my memories and the unique connection my family and I have made with International Business Seminars. I encourage anyone interested in studying abroad to consider an IBS seminar and will definitely encourage my children to partake in an opportunity that is so special to our family. If your university does not offer an IBS Seminar feel free to reach out to me or an IBS coordinator, we would love to help you try and get it approved by your university!

Family Legacy - Don in London

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