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Question & Answer Session with IBS Alumnus

We recently interviewed our Alumni Ambassador, Amanda, about her experience on the Summer China study abroad program with International Business Seminars. Amanda is an accountancy student at Northern Illinois University. She is extremely involved and she is always finding ways to learn, explore and make herself more marketable in her Read More

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My advice for all future travelers

We all have our own journey and mine started by studying abroad in Australia and then Cyprus. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and I’ve advised over 1,500 students on their way to study abroad. I’ve broken down my 3 most important pieces of advice to all of my students Read More

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Find Out What Makes for the Best Weekend in Barcelona

Making the Most out of a Weekend in Barcelona There is no shortage of things to do when visiting such a dynamic city like Barcelona.  Everyone knows to hit the beach, tour Gaudí architecture, and get a load of the nightlife.  However, here are a few tips to get more Read More

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New Year’s Eve in London

So, it’s your first time out of the United States and you’re with strangers in London on New Year’s Eve…what’re you gonna do? First, Don’t Freak Out… because in less than two weeks these 44 virtual strangers will become family… sharing the experience of a life-changing study abroad program with Read More

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Make the Most Out of the Company Visits on Your Seminar

Get the most out of your company visits with International Business Seminars I will start this blog with the assumption that you have joined the IBS seminar because you want to gather real international experience and stand out from the crowd with a great resume. Here are some tips on how Read More

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Adding IBS to your Resume

International Business Seminars provides the best professional and academic study abroad options for U.S. students. One of the reasons these programs stand apart from the rest is because of the intentional focus on providing professional guidance, experience, and networking during your time abroad. How to add your study abroad experience Read More

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Keepin’ it Together,…Not Your Marbles, Your Memories! | Scrapbooking 101

Traveling to another country?  Going on a road trip? Have a great time! When you return home, you’ll have lots of new memories, a bit of sunburn, or even a new friend. You will also have a pile of maps, napkins, matchbooks, business cards and every other trinket that was Read More

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Top 10 Apps for Your Trip to China

Spending two weeks in China without having the luxury of using my smart phone as freely as I would in the states was a challenge for me. I didn’t buy a data plan, or a Chinese SIM card and instead tried to manage only with free WiFi in the hotels Read More

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Quick Guide to a Flight Cancellation

Have you ever went to check-in for your flight or been waiting at the gate to find out your flight has been cancelled? Here is some tips on what to do if this happens to you: Don’t panic Stay calm. Kindness goes a long way. Be polite, but firm. The Read More

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First Stop China, Next Stop the Rest of the World

Never having experienced a different country’s culture I am not sure what to expect besides experiencing total culture shock. In life, I try to be as open-minded as possible, and thrive on variety and trying new things. I can already tell I am going to be the proverbial tourist completely Read More

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