Capturing Your Trip

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Immediately you probably think of the word “camera” when you hear the word “capture.” But what about videos or maybe even the souvenirs you’ll bring back home? Everyone remembers his or her trip in a different way.


Some students brought GoPros, DLSR Cameras, or simply used their cell phone for pictures and videos. Before I left to study abroad in Europe, IBS asked me to make a promo video of our entire trip, including interviewing students after business meetings. I didn’t have a GoPro, and my nice camera doesn’t record videos, so I relied on my iPhone, and the videos turned out really well! I used my DLSR for all my pictures and my phone for videos! Make sure to bring a BIG memory card, because you’ll take a ton of pictures. But don’t forget to take a look out from behind the back of your camera or phone!


We all have family and friends back home that would love to get a little gift from your trip abroad. Unfortunately, gifts can get heavy very fast. Unless you completely under-packed and have a bunch of room for gifts, maybe think of smaller things or even postcards! When abroad in Australia, I mainly sent postcards back home and everyone really seemed to appreciate it. Some snail mail might be a little more meaningful than that cheesy shot glass or bulky Starbucks mug.

In saying that, you still have to buy that unique shot glass or destination-defined Starbucks mug. Word to the wise, however. Make smart decisions about what to bring back (leave the wine bottles in Europe!)

No matter how you choose to remember your trip, make sure you enjoy your time abroad while you’re there. What is really fun is coming back home and passing a Swarovski shop and saying “I’ve been to the Kristallwelten in Austria” or seeing Riedel wine glasses in a store and knowing you’ve been there in person. Personal experience is something you can’t physically take back, but it is knowledge you’ll always possess!

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School: California Lutheran University

In each country we met with one to two businesses and had plenty of free time to explore. No other program offered this kind of itinerary.

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