Most Beneficial Places for Business Majors to Study Abroad

Best Places for Business Majors to Study Abroad

The ever-expanding global economy has led to necessary changes to the traditional college education, especially for business majors. In essence, the time of attending a university and learning only through lectures is long past. Today, there must be a way for business majors to step foot into the global economy and experience global business first hand.

International Business Seminars offers a unique multi-destination study abroad program that is sure to enhance classroom learning and help business majors grow both an understanding and an appreciation for their coming role in the global economy. Participation in the IBS program provides insights into the vast business world, into different cultures and political environments.

Instead of enrolling in a traditional study abroad program and being fully-immersed in only one culture/location, visiting some of the available International Business Seminar locations may truly change the way students view the vast business world.


There are a multitude of benefits to studying business in Europe. And the more locations you can experience, the better understand you’ll have of the global marketplace. Some of the most important study abroad locations for business majors in Europe include:

1. Heidelberg, GermanyBest places for business majors to study abroad

Students who are able to visit Germany as part of a study abroad program gain many insights, as Germany has really gained in the field of R&D investment. With over 500,000 R&D professionals, students are certain to benefit from available professional training.

The economic freedom available in Germany has led to business innovation and an encouraging environment for entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is the economic freedom which has led Germany to have the strongest economy in Europe.

2. London, United Kingdom

London is certainly not a city that is well known for taking it slow and easy. Business students visiting this city are sure to benefit from the fast pace that is a very normal part of life in the city.

One of the major benefits of enrolling in a study abroad program is, and should be, getting to know the sights and sounds of the city, and London has plenty of these to offer. From Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to a multitude of free museums and galleries, students are sure to better understand the United Kingdom more fully after spending time there. Some even claim that London has surpassed New York City in finance-related business acumen.

3. Paris, Francestudy abroad locations business majors

Business majors who are able to spend some study abroad time in “the city of lights” often attain invaluable perspectives in fields such as fine wines, high fashion and luxury goods. Lesser known to many is the fact that Paris is the second-largest in the exporting of agricultural services and products around the world.  Being able to experience the social and business cultures in Paris, as well as make a few highly-regarded business connections will surely benefit students around the globe.


Asia is another must-experience area of the world for business majors. Experiencing unique Asian culture and understanding cultural differences can make all the difference in business and social interactions for the rest of a student’s life. The multitude of major companies that have branches in Asia, such as Apple, Facebook and Coca Cola make it the perfect place to learn from the best of the best.

1. Shanghai, Chinabest places for business majors to study abroad

As one of the biggest cities in the world, there is much that business students can learn in Shanghai. And the business-related learning can be incredible as there are more than 150 different kinds of industry there. It is also China’s financial center featuring the largest cargo shipping port in the world. Shanghai plays an incredibly large role in global economics, and as such, study abroad students gain invaluable knowledge that is sure to benefit in international business careers.

2. Bangkok, Thailandstudy abroad for business majors

Bangkok is the center of all of Thailand’s major businesses and banks. 17 companies in Thailand are listed in the Forbes 2000, making this an ideal location for business-related learning. Such learning typically includes finance, marketing and business economics.

Thailand also offers a unique look at our planet to study abroad students. It has a rich array of ecosystems and environments. Many businesses today work to be more environmentally friendly and experiencing the uniqueness of Bangkok can assist students in learning to think with an eye to helping the environment.

Most business majors understand the benefit of undertaking a study abroad program, but have a difficult time selecting which location will be the most beneficial toward a future business-related career. By undertaking a short-term study abroad trip with International Business Seminars, students can truly experience the very best parts of the top business centers around the globe.

International Business Seminars

Travel the world, learn from global business leaders, and earn university credit while gaining a competitive advantage for your career.

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