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visiting companies through international business seminars

International Business Seminars provides the best professional and academic study abroad options for U.S. students. One of the reasons these programs stand apart from the rest is because of the intentional focus on providing professional guidance, experience, and networking during your time abroad.

How to add your study abroad experience to your resume

One of the most important things every student should do after their seminar with IBS is to add your seminar to your professional resume. Below I’ve listed some tips to help you get started:

1. Add your seminar abroad to the education section of your resume

2. Equally important, include a short description or set of bullet points to highlight why your experience is listed and the professional applicability

3. Learn to write and speak professionally about your study abroad experience.
While you’re abroad you will work on skills such as overcoming communication barriers, handling difficult situations, learning through listening and observing, adapting to new environments, and many more. These skills transition into highly sought after qualities in a professional candidate such as perseverance, flexibility, assertiveness, open-mindedness, independence, maturity and appreciation of diversity.

Think about these skills when you’re asked about your time abroad in a professional setting. Make sure to stay away from the naturally emotional and friendly response of “it was absolutely incredible, life-changing, etc.” as your potential colleagues will quickly understand the impact of your experience should you communicate and highlight these qualities.

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Example of Study Abroad on Resume


Louisiana State University December, 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Business
Marketing Major; Spanish Minor

Summer Europe, Seminar Abroad with International Business Seminars May, 2016
• Attended a 3 week, multi-destination study abroad program in Europe with a focus on business
• Networked and learned from executive level professionals at 14 international companies in 6 nations
• Adapted to unfamiliar environments, embraced cultural differences, improved international communications and established global competency

Kayla Ihrig

IBS Director of Enrollment

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