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International Business Seminars - Summer Europe Seminar Materials

Summer Europe Seminar Materials

Note from your director:

Your director outlines the unique opportunity you’ll be embarking on and how best to prepare. The entire team at IBS wants to give you the tools to make the most out of your experience. He also addresses our most recent presidential election along with Brexit and how it’s made a big impact on thinking in Europe.

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This reference guide will give you a brief overview of what to expect on your seminar, what to bring, as well as flight and luggage information.

Summer Europe Travel Info

Dress Code Policy:

The dress code policy for our program includes business formal, business casual, and dressy casual attire. Here you will find photos and descriptions of each business attire option:

Dress Code Policy

Itinerary & Dress Planning:

This itinerary has the dress code for each day. This will help you plan and pack accordingly for your seminar:

Itinerary & Dress Planning

Packing Information:

IBS limits each student to one checked bag and one carry on. Not only will you need to pack business attire for company meetings, you will have to keep your luggage light and easy to carry from country to country. We highly recommend bringing extra clothes in your carry on in case it takes longer than expected to receive your luggage from the airport. Also, we ask that you attach the IBS luggage tag we provide to you to your suitcase so it is easily identifiable.

Packing Tips

10 Things to know Before You Go:

Our Director of Enrollment, Kayla Ihrig, and Director of Programs, Jia Xie, share a few important things they’d like you to know before you leave for the program, such as planning ahead, currency, and the IBS App.

Country Information:

The country book will give you an overview of each country you will visit during your seminar. It also provides cultural tips and information on nearby attractions.

Summer Europe Country Book


If you are taking your seminar for credit, the syllabus will explain how your final grade will be evaluated.

Summer Europe Syllabus

Hotel List:

The hotel list provides the address and contact information for each hotel that you will be staying in during the program.

Summer Europe Hotel List

Currency Conversion:

This currency conversion tool will help you plan for your personal spending money during the seminar:

Currency Calculator

Emergency Plans:

In case of an emergency, these are the plans to follow in each city:







Insurance Notice:

Group Insurance Protection provided for each seminar participant:

Insurance Notice

IBS Marketing Internship:

All IBS alumni are eligible to apply to become an IBS Alumni Ambassador during the spring semester! In this role you will help promote IBS programs and share your personal experiences from your program. We highly recommend this internship program so you can stay connected to your study abroad experience, further develop your communication and networking skills, and highlight this internship on your resume.

IBS Alumni Ambassador Internship