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Lexie McKay

Lexie McKay
My name is Lexie McKay. I attend Northern Illinois University where I study Business Administration with a minor in Marketing; and a certificate in Information Systems. I attended the Summer 2019 China seminar. I love to travel, read, and spend time with friends & family. Learning about new cultures and visiting new places has given me a different perspective on almost all aspects of my life.

Hear more directly from Lexie:

Why did you choose your IBS seminar vs any other study abroad program?

I chose to attend an IBS seminar because of the cost and the length of their seminars. I work full-time while being a full-time student so my schedule is pretty crazy. A traditional study abroad program was just possible with my schedule. I also loved that IBS integrates you visiting actual businesses and working professionals in order to learn more about the differences in working internationally. I chose the China trip in particular because I have always been interested in Asian cultures. The China trip was an opportunity to visit a country I probably wouldn’t travel to on my own.

What did you learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?

I learned a lot from my experience abroad. I think that it was most interesting to me was our idea of China in the West and how different it really is. We see China as this crazy place, with all these rules and regulations. However, when you get there it really isn’t all that different from being in big cities here. You’re relatively unaware of the monitoring but you know it is there. I also learned that although there is a language barrier people are generally going to understand you if you’re patient and willing to spend the time to try and get people to understand you. I thought this trip was 100% worthwhile. I learned so much about myself and another place, and I got to experience so many things.

Do you intend on interning/working abroad in the future – if so, what did you learn from your seminar that will help you work/live abroad?

I didn’t have intentions of working abroad previous to this trip, but this trip opened my eyes to wanting to. I learned that working abroad may be challenging but it’s rewarding. Everyone we met shared experiences they had and how interesting their work is. Working abroad also seems to have a different set of challenges that you wouldn’t get in working in your own country or origin.

If you have any questions email me at: mckayelexus@gmail.com