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Emily Arceneaux

My name is Emily Arceneaux and I am from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where I study accounting. I attended Winter Southeast Asia and Summer Europe in 2018 and really enjoyed the experiences. I am originally from a small town in South Louisiana on Bayou Lafourche and did not have many opportunities to travel out of the country. I had only recently transferred to LSU from a different Louisiana college. When I heard about these programs, I jumped at the opportunities. I understood what the programs had to offer and they still exceeded my expectations.

Hear more directly from Emily:

What did you learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?

My experience abroad was completely worthwhile. Hearing how successful people do business is interesting in any country; but even more so when you hear how they dealt with difficulties there. They have to deal with language and cultural barriers in addition to working under different governments and are still successful. It was also interesting to see how different businesses can be outside of the United States. We also had plenty of free time to enjoy the culture outside the business world.

Why did you choose your IBS seminar vs any other study abroad program?

I chose IBS study abroad program over all others because the timing of the program, the locations, and the price were the best fit for me. I also liked the idea of the setting being a business seminar instead of a classroom.

Being able to travel to multiple cities and countries, what travel advice do you have for future students?

My advice for any future students about packing would be to pack light. I think I over packed a little so I had difficulties fitting stuff into my suitcase to go to Vietnam. I may have bought too many scarves in Thailand but I was eventually able to fit everything with some effort. However, I did still have to buy a duffel bag in Vietnam to get home. Plan to wear professional outfits more than once; that’s what everyone else did.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: earcen9@lsu.edu