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International Business Seminars - Alumni Ambassador Internship Agreement

Alumni Ambassador Internship Agreement

Below you will find a general outline of your goals and responsibilities as an IBS Alumni Ambassador. We ask you to carefully consider all parts of this internship and ask questions if anything is not clear. Your main goal is to highlight your experience with IBS and generate interest on campus. We estimate you will spend 10-20 hours over the entire semester for this internship.

By filling out your application you are not obligated to participate in the internship. IBS will go over all the requirements with you, discuss your schedule, and decide if this is the right fit for you.


  • Stay connected to your IBS experience and share your experience with others.
  • Networking opportunities, improved communication skills, sales and marketing experience.
  • Letter of recommendation (upon request) after the completion of your internship.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • May use IBS as a professional reference on your next job application/interview process (must speak with IBS staff prior to listing us).
  • Option to become an On-Site Ambassador on a future program and earn an additional $500 for an On-Site Ambassador Scholarship, on top of your $500 Alumni Scholarship ($1,000 total).

Minimum Requirements

On Campus:

  • Meet with your sponsoring faculty member to discuss your presentations and pick up brochures.
  • Give a minimum of 4 presentations about IBS programs.
    • Presentations can be to any of your classes (not limited to business courses), to your sorority/fraternity or any club you’re a part of or may be able to gain access to. You can also ask past professors to present in their classes.
    • You may present by yourself, or with another IBS alumni or your supporting faculty member. If two or more ambassadors are presenting, you can each count the event.
    • Must use sign-up sheets to collect contact information from students that are interested and would like to learn more.
  • Help with and/or plan at least 1 IBS event on campus.
    • Examples include participating in the study abroad fair, setting up a tabling session in a high-traffic area on campus, planning and participating in an IBS info session, or creating an IBS panel session.
    • Must use sign-up sheets to collect contact information from students that are interested and would like to learn more.


  • Review your IBS program on Abroad101, Facebook, Go Overseas, Go Abroad &
  • Regular communication with IBS to discuss current recruiting efforts and updates

Estimated total time commitment: 10-20 hours per semester

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