International Business Seminars

International Business Seminars - Winter One Suggested Reading Materials

Winter One Suggested Reading Materials


1. The Economist is a must just to keep up to date with current events in business and finance (it also has its own podcast that is very interesting).

2. Bloomberg is also a great source for news and information.

3. The European Business Review is a good source that you do not need to subscribe to read most of the articles online.

Pre-trip knowledge:

1. Doing Business in Europe? Consider These Top 10 Issues

2. 5 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Business in Europe

3. 5 Essential Tips for Doing Business in Europe

4. How To Make The Most Of A Business Trip To Europe

5. Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

6. Brexit France

UK Business Culture:

1. Business Culture in the UK

2. 7 Main Differences Between U.S. and U.K. Business Culture


France Business Culture:

1. French Business Culture

2. 10 Tips on French Business Etiquette



5. Doing Business in France and Facts About French Culture

German Business Culture:

1. Business Etiquette in Germany



Current events:

1. Coronavirus – Eurozone economy shrinks at record rate

2. Coronavirus pandemic – EU agrees €500bn rescue package

3. Coronavirus – UK among economies risking record slump

4. Europe sets up emergency lifeline worth billions

5. ECB Action to Save Euro Zone Now Only Delays Future Dilemma

6. ECB set for policy decision as coronavirus sends the eurozone economy into a tailspin

7. SAP in Talks to Sell Digital Interconnect Unit to Sinch

Winter One Hosts:

1. Chelsea –

2. Lloyd’s pocket Guide

3. Lloyd’s Reveals – Blueprint to Build ‘Most Advanced Insurance Marketplace’

4. Lloyd’s YouTube Channel

5. Marketing Strategy of Hard Rock Café

6. Hard Rock Café –

7. International Chamber of Commerce

8. ICC –

9. What is the European Central Bank (ECB)?

10. What is SAP? Definition of SAP ERP Software

11. The 9 Most Influential Accounting Firms in the World

12. Grant Thornton –

  • Grant Thornton YouTube Channel
  • Post-trip knowledge:

    These Are The U.K.’s Best Places To Work In 2020, According To Glassdoor

    These are the best companies to work for in France in 2020, finds Glassdoor

    Dispatches debut list: The 10 best companies to work for in Europe