What Is Business Culture & Social Etiquette Like in Thailand?

Studying abroad in Thailand teaches you to look at exotic cultures with a different perspective. Thailand business culture, Thai food, and local entertainment are all totally different from what you’re probably used to. But with a few helpful tips, you’ve got nothing to worry about when visiting Thailand. What To Read More

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Useful Apps to Download Before Studying Abroad

The modern-day smartphone has often been described by the older generation as a tiny computer that fits in one’s pocket. This is probably because those who grew up without smartphones or easy access to computers understand just what a powerful tool a smartphone could be. Gone are the days when Read More

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Surviving While Studying Abroad

Before heading out of the country I heard a lot of “Do Not’s.” To me this is very negative. “Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t stay out late. Don’t go where you don’t know. Don’t forget anything. Don’t be an ‘annoying’ American. Don’t wear North Face Jackets. Don’t wear athletic clothes. Read More

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Tips for Flying

Flying can be a scary thing for some people, especially if you’ll flying for over 10 hours. But even if you aren’t afraid of flying, it’s not easy to be comfortable on a 10-11 hour flight in economy seating. But I have a few tips that may help get you Read More

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I have always felt the pain of homesickness when away from my bed for even a night. Though packing pillows and photos of my loved ones helped a little, even one night away left me feeling down when the lights turned off at the end of the day. Homesickness was Read More

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Insights I Gained From Studying Abroad

Greetings! If you are reading this you are most likely in one of two boats: 1) You are considering studying abroad 2) You have already committed to a study abroad program and are wondering how to prepare for this undertaking. Kudos to you on taking the first step toward studying Read More

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Making It Last

Studying abroad is a remarkable journey that is full of unique experiences almost completely dependent on the traveler. The Summer Europe seminar had over 30 students abroad, and each one of us remembers those three amazing weeks slightly differently than one another. That was one of my favorite aspects of Read More

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How To: Pack in Only a Carry-On

Words cannot express how excited I am for the Winter One Trip coming up in just a few weeks! If I could be on the plane with you guys, I would be there. But alas, going on another International Business Seminar was not in the budget this year. It was Read More

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How to Spend Money Wisely on Your Trip

In order to budget effectively when studying abroad, you want to start by looking at how much money you will be bringing with you abroad. I would recommend keeping this money on a debit/credit card instead of bringing cash because cash could be misplaced or stolen. If a credit card Read More

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