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Parent Study Abroad Information

International Business Seminars has been planning short-term study abroad programs since 1976 with over 26,000 student alumni. All IBS programs are faculty-led, multi-destination, and short-term, ranging from 10 to 22 days abroad. The safety, personal growth, and professional development of students is paramount in everything IBS does.

Why should your student study abroad?

The benefits of studying abroad go far beyond academics. For many students, studying abroad is a unique, life-changing experience that gave them the ability to be more independent. Students gain confidence, maturity, an ability to adapt more easily, and a better appreciation for other cultures as well as their own. Academically, a study abroad experience on a resume will distinguish a student from their peers in today’s competitive job market.

Why should your student study abroad with International Business Seminars?

IBS seminars are designed as ‘your first business trip abroad’ experience.

In addition to gaining positive benefits from studying abroad, students will develop a skillset that employers value, such as the ability to look at a project or situation from a different perspective, strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, patience and flexibility, and an understanding of international policies, business practices, and cultures.

IBS offers unique opportunities for students:

  • Meet and network with business executives from multi-national organizations.
  • Visit and learn from global companies, such as BMW, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and more.
  • Stay at 4-star hotels that companies would send their employees on a business trip.
  • Experience the culture of each country visited with sightseeing and cuisine.
  • Earn university credit while gaining experience that will stand out on a resume.

IBS plans and organizes all aspects of the seminars, including:

  • International airfare from the US and airport pickup abroad (optional)
  • Leadership
    • Faculty/University Professors will lead each seminar
    • On average, IBS provides 1 leader per 8-10 students
  • Accommodations
    • 4-star hotels
  • City-to-city transportation during the seminar
  • Some group lunches/dinners
  • Company visits
  • City tours, sightseeing, and cultural experiences
  • Pre-departure support and advising and continued support throughout the entire program
    • Fully staffed travel agency

Safety & Accommodations:

  • Students stay in centrally located, 4-star business hotels with lobby monitoring.
  • Every seminar is led by experienced US faculty leaders.
  • IBS provides a detailed itinerary so both the student and their parents are informed about where the student will be on any day of the program.
  • Communication and support throughout the program:
    • Pre-departure advising is provided as well as support during the planning process.
    • Students will have access to the IBS app, which will allow students to:
      • Receive announcements made by their faculty leaders
      • Have access to a digital version of their itinerary, leaders’ contact information, hotel and flight information
  • IBS enrolls all students with citizenship to the United States of America in the Department of State’s STEP Program, which informs American embassies of where exactly these students will be staying for the entirety of their program.
    • IBS receives updates from the Department of State in case anything pressing were to happen, which will promptly trigger IBS to contact each student’s emergency contacts.

Important tips to help you prepare and stay informed:

  • Keep yourself involved in the enrollment and preparation process to make sure your student has everything they need. (ex: updated passport, emergency contact information, etc.)
  • Be sure to have copies of your student’s passport and travel itineraries.
  • Make sure you have multiple avenues to communicate with your student while he/she is traveling abroad.
  • Stay updated by keeping in contact on a regular basis.
  • Stay abreast of current news in the cities and countries that your student will be traveling to.
  • Although IBS will do whatever it can to ensure your student has a safe and enjoyable experience, your student’s actions and behaviors dictate their safety and well-being. With that said, make sure to have a conversation with your student about the impact their behaviors and actions have on the safety of themselves and others and that it is also important to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Additional information that may be helpful:

Contact us if you have any additional questions.

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