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Blog posts from IBS Digital Ambassadors on a variety of Short-Term Study Abroad Seminars to Europe and Asia!

Leanna’s Winter Southeast Asia Experience

Winter Southeast Asia program through a student’s eyes: This video was put together by IBS Alum, Leanna Rutledge. Leanna attended two IBS programs, Summer China & Winter Southeast Asia. The Winter Southeast Asia program provides an opportunity for students to experience Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in Read More

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7 Surprising Things I Learned About Europe

While I was abroad, every single day provided an opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of European culture. I am a firm believer in the idea that we learn most about ourselves through experiences. Although every day is a different day, each moment in life can provide an Read More

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Surviving While Studying Abroad

Before heading out of the country I heard a lot of “Do Not’s.” To me this is very negative. “Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t stay out late. Don’t go where you don’t know. Don’t forget anything. Don’t be an ‘annoying’ American. Don’t wear North Face Jackets. Don’t wear athletic clothes. Read More

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Homesick to Wanderlust

When I embarked on my first study abroad trip, I was extremely excited. It was my first time going abroad, a childhood dream, and I would be taking my first vacation without my family. I went with about ten other students, none of whom I knew before and two instructors. Read More

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Tips for Flying

Flying can be a scary thing for some people, especially if you’ll flying for over 10 hours. But even if you aren’t afraid of flying, it’s not easy to be comfortable on a 10-11 hour flight in economy seating. But I have a few tips that may help get you Read More

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How IBS Helped Me: The Next Level

I signed up for the Summer Europe International Business Seminar, the spring semester of my junior year at LSU. Knowing that my undergraduate college career was coming to an end, I knew the seminar could provide me with valuable insight into the many sectors of business, and do so on Read More

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Friendships, Food, and Foreign Cultures

Think of your typical Friday night. You and your friends decide to eat out, maybe you choose Mexican this weekend (let’s be honest I choose Mexican every weekend). You sit down to gossip or just goof off after a long week of tests and never ending assignments. When is graduation Read More

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Breaking Comfort Zones

Some people are homebodies and some are jet-setters. Maybe you’re a little in-between. You could be an introvert or an extrovert. No matter what your personality, it is always challenging jumping into a new experience, especially when it comes to travelling the world with people you don’t know. Some of Read More

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I have always felt the pain of homesickness when away from my bed for even a night. Though packing pillows and photos of my loved ones helped a little, even one night away left me feeling down when the lights turned off at the end of the day. Homesickness was Read More

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