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Melissa Scheve

My name is Melissa Scheve and I am currently a junior at Louisiana State University. My major is Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Before attending LSU, I graduated with my Associate degree in Business Technology with a separate certificate in Retail Management from Baton Rouge Community College. I was part of a group of students that traveled in the Winter Two Europe 2018 program abroad with International Business Seminars and got to experience Paris and London first hand! I chose to travel abroad for part of my studies so I could get a more hands-on learning approach to new cultures, lifestyles, and business practices. I love to be outside and enjoy hiking so I have to say one of my favorite parts of exploring these cities was just the opportunity to be able to stroll the streets and walk the riverfront, just lovely!

Hear more directly from Melissa:

If you had 60 seconds to convince a friend to attend an IBS program, what would you say?

Y’all, I got to do the most incredible thing with my break from school and I even earned college credit for it! I had the chance to explore new cities and countries on the other side of the world through a new scope and didn’t step foot into a classroom one time! Next to my student peers is where I found the confidence to travel, explore, ask questions, and network on a whole new level I had never dreamed of! Come on this once in a lifetime adventure to new lands and see for yourself all the world has to offer you!

What did you learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?

As a Human Resources student, it is always fascinating for me to meet new people and see how they work in their roles as well as alongside others. Traveling abroad with other students let me see that every person, from whatever corner of the world they are from, each hold a unique gift that can be offered to any group to improve it and it is our job as a team to try to bring that special gift out in people. Watching all of these strangers work together to figure out how to navigate these new places was an incredible sight to see and be a part of! It was truly humbling and empowering to experience this well-oiled machine firsthand.

Did you develop or improve any qualities or skills during the seminar? If so, what were they and how did they develop/improve?

My main goal was to meet and connect with other students from different parts of the country. I severely needed to hone in on my networking skills and being in an environment that was both professional and casual at times allowed me to practice in several different settings with several different groups. I believe I have learned how to better include all members of any group I am a part of without making anyone feel they are singled out.

If you have any questions email me at: mschev1@lsu.edu